Embroidery is the craft of stitching your design or logo into the fabric of a garment such as polo shirts, fleeces, caps and shirts. We can supply as well as a large selection of corporate, promotional and work wear including Hi-Vis jackets. If you wish we can embroider your garments or ours.

We use computerised machines fitted with the latest technologies in all our embroidery prints. With the highest quality threads and a huge selection of colours to choose from.

Embroidery is ideal for less complex designs yet you can still achieve a fantastic affect. Choose up to 12 colours on each design. Whilst we can embroidery on to most products this option is ideal for denser fabrics such as Fleece or towelling.

Our aim is to meet your specific requirements be they large or small, whether you are a large company or a small business or club. Either way we will project your name or logo to reflect your enterprise in the best possible way. Our prime aim is to ensure your business is seen by others as you already see it.


When artwork for embroidery is supplied we prefer to have it as a Vector-line graphic EPS or PDF file or CorelDraw file with all fonts outlined. We also accept other file formats such as Jpegs or Bitmaps but these must be provided in a high resolution (300dpi)

There is an initial cost to set up a logo. Aer that, prices are dependent on the quantity of same design


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